Family Section Meeting, November 4, 2015

The first family law practice meeting will be held on November 4, 2015 at the Freehold courthouse.  The moderator will be Phil Jacobowitz, Esq.  This is an interactive program and participation is encouraged.

The program will discuss most beginning components of filing an action for divorce or custody.  Initial consultations and required provisions in retainer agreements will be discussed.  The basics of preparation of pleadings, what is required to plead a cause of action, defending the action and the initial court appearances and necessary court forms will also be addressed.


2015 Family Law Practice Group- Syllabus


OCTOBER, 2015 – JUNE, 2016

Chair:  Albertina Webb, Esq.

          1.      NOVEMBER 4, 2015

                  Presenters:        Phil Jacobowitz, Esq.

                          A.     Consultations and Retainer Agreements

                          B.     Pleadings, Complaint, Answer, Counterclaim

                          C.     Case Management Conference and Order

                          D.     Early Settlement Panel and Statements

         2.      JANUARY 6, 2016

                 Presenters:        Abby Webb, Esq.

                A.     Pendente Lite Motions

                B.     Oral Argument

                C.     Discovery

                D.     Pre-trial Preparation

          3.      MARCH 2, 2016                                                    

                  Presenters:        Phil Jacobowitz, Esq., Abby Webb, Esq.


                A.     Opening Statements

                 B.     Direct Testimony – Clients, adversary experts

                 C.     Cross examination – Clients, adversary, experts

                  D.     Closing Statements

         4.      MAY 4, 2016                                                

                Student Presentations


The head of the Family Practice Group is Philip E. Jacobowitz, Esq.