New Bail Reform PowerPoint

CLICK HERE for the PowerPoint presentation about the coming bail changes from a seminar held by the NJ Assn. of Counties. Informative to say the least. Hat tip to Steve Nelson.

NJ Municipal Court Cell Phone App

Following on the heels of the NJ Judiciary's general information and juror cell phone apps, a new app giving you the full list of municipal court phone numbers to direct dial from your cell phone, as well as opening up the location on your phone's mapping/directions app.  Obviously, pulling your car over before using any of this is well advised.

You can read the press release HERE.

Homicide Podcast - Serial

This 12-episode podcast that was mentioned in last week’s NJ Law Journal op-ed is interesting. Though naïve in places, it covers a reporter’s review and investigation of a 15 year-old homicide conviction in Maryland. Listening to it in the car entertained me over the course of a week of trips to court appearances.

Police Body Cameras in Three Monmouth Towns

The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office has paid to put 15 body cameras on police officers in Wall, Howell, & Middletown, to be assigned by the respective chiefs to specific officers.  They start and stop recording manually, are uploaded to their server at the end of a shift, and saved for 90 days.  Read the press release HERE.

USDNJ OKs Fake Fed Accounts

The United States District Court for the District of NJ held recently that it is permissible for law enforcement officials to create fake accounts to access otherwise quasi-public internet social media accounts.  The one at issue here is essentially used only for posting pictures, usually taken from a cell phone.  The Feds created a fake account, sent a request to the subscriber-cum-defendant for access to look at pictures of their dinner, cat, narcissistic selfie, etc.  These pictures contained stolen merchandise.  So, an arrest followed.

Click here for a link to a copy of the opinion.

*Hat tip to Jon Lomurro for spotting this.